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For many, including flight 空姐制服 attendants, this may be shocking, but the fact remains that in today’s aviation industry, a flight attendant is the last line of defense!

The first victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the ITC and the Pentagon were flight attendants. Atrociously attacked by a terrorist on the way to the cockpit and tortured to force the pilots to comply with the demands of terrorists.

More mundane, but everyday events in the field of international air travel – it’s naughty passengers. The threat to the safety of other passengers and aircraft due to mental disorders, alcohol consumption, stress or non-compliance with airline regulations, such as seating during take-off and landing, etc., is expected to be the first person to cope with these tests and, if necessary, seek help from pilots when the situation gets out of their control. However, flight attendants must intervene first and often become victims of verbal and physical abuse by unruly passengers.

After the attacks of 9-11 pilots; Before you leave the cockpit, you need to take precautions to calm or deter naughty passengers. The incident could have distracted the pilots to open the now locked cockpits, after which the unruly conspirators of the passengers would attack to gain access to the cockpit.

Safety on board:

Most flights do not have air marshals, so the problems should be solved by flight attendants. Either they solve this issue on their own, or wait for the help of the pilot or co-pilot, or sometimes resort to the help of other passengers. Since these problems have existed for decades and will occur in the future, it is imperative that flight attendants be trained in self-defense and arrest techniques. These skills should simply be part of a standard flight attendant training program with regular training.

Flight attendants were not always just beautiful women, multilingual and service oriented; When the Icelandic airline was founded, all flight attendants were former nurses because it was considered necessary to deal with any emergency medical care. I believe that such concerns are relevant today, and that flight attendants should also be able to cope with current security threats. It would also be prudent to continue the current trend of increasing the number of stewards in the crew and more than half the crew level.

To give flight attendants an additional advantage, it was possible to issue non-lethal weapons, such as a mini-stun gun or telescopic baton, and use it with handcuffs, etc. Monitors must be placed in all crew areas; this will provide additional security not only to flight attendants but also to pilots who are more likely to respond to a possible threat to the safety of unruly passengers or terrorists.

Some will now argue that training flight attendants to deal with terrorist acts is a mistake and that the emphasis should be on the safety of passengers and luggage. I will say yes, I fully agree that there is a need for pre-screening of passengers and luggage and that airport security procedures should be expanded. However, the current effort has focused on simply deploying more security personnel and hiring federal employees, which has in fact done little to improve security. This is a fact that is in one way or another evidenced by the numerous cases of people carrying weapons on board aircraft.

This fact was repeatedly confirmed by security inspections, when guards boarded planes with weapons, explosives, etc. . At many foreign airports, airlines simply rely on local security and periodic checks by official authorities such as faa, etc.

There is also a real threat from terrorist personnel working in the aviation industry who can access aircraft and place weapons or bombs on them for use by terrorists. Finally, an aggressive and naughty passenger will always be part of the environment faced by flight attendants. Perhaps these incidents can be reduced by increasing fines and imprisonment for those who in any way violate airline rules. But these procedures will take time, and for now the problem remains in the hands of flight attendants; Our last line of defense!

Dan Sommer is the author of Agent SD, a guide to tracking detection, and was involved in the development, implementation and training of the SD group for the European Embassy. His 17-year security career began in 1986 and he has active experience in armed forces, security, personal security, counter-attack and surveillance. Since 1994, the author has been writing training materials for security companies and the police. He has read courses around the world for guards, bodyguards, police, counter-attack teams and detection units. Dan is currently the international director of the World Federation of Bodyguards and owns a private company as a security and security consultant.

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