Protect Children From Lead And Cadmium In Toys, Jewellery And Household Goods

The ring is set in platinum containing 3 large diamonds and 8 smaller diamonds. I have an old review that gives some information, but it also seems a bit vague. The central stone is a European cut diamond of SI1 color of brightness I and 1.58ct. It also contains two European cut diamonds each of si2 brightness I color each its .60ct. The smaller surrounding diamonds include four .15ct diamonds and four .12ct of SI2 clarity and color I.

Any serious contender must offer at least a 30-day return policy. Some online jewelers, such as Apple or Gold, offer a standard extended 45-day return the diamond ring company policy, some others even offer longer periods. Be sure to check the policy for custom or custom items, such as rings that you plan to engrave.

Pieces made of gold vermeil will fog up faster if you wear them every day. So, anything that is golden vermeil, which is common in fashion/costume jewelry, you won’t want to use it for training, showering, swimming, etc. However, gold-filled or gold-plated jewelry is a little different. If you can choose between the two, the entire gold will last longer and is said to never tarnish. Gold plating will certainly last longer than gold vermeil, but as far as I know it has the ability to tarnish a bit within a few years.

The classified shopping consumer is likely to compare more than anyone else. They know the prices of their new jewelry and pay a discount for a used piece of jewelry. Also keep in mind that the prices requested on paper are rarely reached and do not reveal the actual market value.

First NEVER, NEVER, NEVER and NEVER meet an unknown buyer in your home. Personal safety and protection against theft should be your first priority. If you don’t have a way to meet the potential buyer in a public place, don’t sell your jewelry to the general public.

The big auctions have a lot of offers and sales, but it’s easy to get lost in all that activity. Selecting the best category is another challenge. If you choose a smaller online auction company, many potential buyers won’t find your bid. The decision is best made with research into how your specific type of jewelry was sold.

You should also make sure that you fully understand the return policy. A website may offer returns for most of its items, but certain items such as new or never used parts may be excluded from this policy. This information should always be clearly displayed in the parts list. This question is the first thing everyone thinks of when you’re considering buying your diamond ring through an online store. The short answer is yes, as long as you shop through a trusted retailer. A reputable jeweler will calm your typical concerns about scams and your worries of getting lost in the mail.

Hi Linda, thanks for the response and gratitude. It’s great to hear that the website was useful to you. I love antique vintage wedding rings and their outfit sounds great. To give you a better estimate, you need to know how big diamonds are, especially the core stone, and how much platinum weighs. If you can take a good photo and email it, you may be able to give it a rough estimate of the value. However, if you’re in the Sacramento area, it’s best to come to my store so I can see them in person.

So these are just things that I think about when buying parts. Maybe you are interested in our blog about how jewelry is valued. Dig a little deeper into what factors influence the value of a new or heritage piece of jewelry. Hopefully that helps, and feel free to come to the store at any time for a free evaluation of the value of your ring.