Mica And Ceramic Belt Heaters

S 304 sheet metal with jagged edges, providing maximum flexibility for easy installation. Ceramic belt heaters are used to heat molds, dies, nozzles and drums in all types of plastic processing machines. Hi-Watt Inc. supplies heating systems and products for various industries throughout Michigan.

They are most commonly used in plastic injection molding, commercial kitchen tools and extrusion. Negative heat transfer would be the case if the temperature value of an extruder zone is higher than the setpoint. In this case, the friction inside the barrel is so high that it actually needs to overheat and cool the barrel to maintain the selected temperature. This usually happens at the end of the run in the so-called screw measuring zone.

Belt heaters are designed to be mounted directly on the inside or outside of a cylindrical surface, providing the high temperatures and wattages required for today’s demanding processes. These heaters are widely used in extrusion and molding presses, heat treatment and autoclaves, pipe heating and many other applications. With newer plastic resins requiring higher working temperatures, there is a growing demand for heaters that can deliver more power in a given area.

The second most common cause of premature failure is poor contact between the machine running and the heater. Because mica, high wattage, and extruded aluminum strips are conductive heaters, a tight fit is crucial. Mica Band Heater Manufacturer Without a tight fit, localized hot spots can develop in the band and cause the nickel-chromium resistance wire to fail. As a rule, the higher the working temperatures, the more critical a tight setting becomes.

Convection takes place when the heating element does not have to touch the surface to be heated, but can still generate a reliable amount of heat. In the plastics industry, mica belt heating is one of the most common examples. This is a conductive heating source that uses thermal energy to heat an outer steel surface. This is a reliable and beneficial heat source with numerous applications.

Cartridge heaters are usually designed to be inserted into a vat or side wall of a container. Unlike cartridge heaters, they generally use a flange, shop, and couplings to connect and seal the thermocouple to the container. They are often used to heat gases or liquids instead of cylindrical components.

Machine heaters must be activated by a physical switch or by a switch on a screen before the machine begins to heat. If a “soft start” function is available and selected, the heating bands heat up more slowly. When a “soft start” function is available and selected, the heating bands heat up slowly.

On customer request, mica belt heaters with holes, cut-outs and thermocouple holders are manufactured. An industrial belt heater uses metal filament enclosed in a protective cover. An industrial belt heater generates useful thermal energy, which is transferred to another object through conduction or convection. The line takes place when the heating tape comes into direct contact with the object that is heating.

Since mica bands are conductive heaters, intimate contact with the surface to be heated is important to ensure a long service life. The operating temperatures of the jacket should not exceed 850°F. (Note that this rating applies to the heating cover, not the process). The maximum wattage varies by manufacturer, but the average is 35 W/in2. In smaller mica bands, the wattage density can usually be slightly higher.