Lip Blush Ombré Tattoo

Keep your lips as dry as possible to avoid premature scabs and refrain from reserving facial or chemical treatments that include alpha-hydroxy acids, retina-A or glycolic acid. With every cosmetic treatment, make sure to consult your artist before and after for a list of things to avoid and assist in the healing process. Celebrity lip, eyelash and eyebrow artist Christina Son offers her customers lip blush tattoos to create a youthful, natural-looking pout that lasts for years. The pigment is applied with a tattoo needle to define the shape of your lips and add a subtle color.

With this pigment stratification technique we can create different Lip Blush styles, from a soft and natural color that resembles a lip paint to a complete lipstick effect. Once the lips are numb, we start to shape the lips with a pencil to choose the perfect shape. Because the lips are so sensitive, we ensure that we apply the right amount of pigment with the right amount of pressure. However, the lips will swell slightly during treatment, but will decrease.

It may be best not to have lip filler and permanent lip color injections within the same year. If lip surgery involves an incision, the incision should mature for about 6 months before tattooing. Lip Blushing is an incredible semi-permanent treatment that enhances the natural shape of your lips, boosting symmetry and color. This procedure can give your lips 30% more volume than long, unlike fillers. It is an extremely popular semi-permanent makeup treatment that defines lips with contours and adds color. It is a very effective way to give your lips character, correct hyperpigmentation and immediately get a dramatic new look.

The skin of the lips is very thin and the introduction of the procedure shocks the skin. Fortunately, the swelling will fade quickly and disappear completely within three to five days. The color density may seem bolder than I originally expected, but this will fade after three to four days.

I was afraid my lip tissue might have been marked, but the permanent makeup artist assured me everything was normal so I took an Advil and tried not to panic. He assured me that the healing phase would only last a week and sent me home with a personalized ointment that would help with drought and detachment in the coming days. It was April last year and I was working on a beauty story about a popular lip trend called My Lips But Better, or MLBB. A type of lip blush (p. E.g., semi-permanent makeup tattooed on the mouth), MLBB gives your lips a subtle pink shade with a cosmetic tattoo gun and water-based inks.

After all, I am not afraid of needles and durability was never an idea that frightened or bothered me. Lip rinse is a semi-permanent tattoo that permanent lip tattoo defines your lips, creating volume and fullness. It also corrects any asymmetry or darkness, giving your lips a very youthful look, ”says Son.

Results last two to five years before a color update is required. The choice of color is just as important and, if not more important, for a tattoo on the lips than a tattoo on the forehead. The underlying blue, purple or brown tones must be in balance and, in some cases, corrected using colors such as orange modifying pigments . Natural lipton and skin color should always be considered to obtain a suitable color for that customer. The technique and color choices I make create a natural, blushing, sweet or “just bitten” look on the lips.

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