4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Germany In The Summer

However, there is so much in this beautiful destination that you will ask for more. A trip to Germany is never enough to explore its history, culture and breathtaking views. Due to its phenomenal geographical location on the River Elbe with many canals and the Alster Lake not far from the city center, Hamburg offers an incredible variety of outdoor activities. Munich’s entire beer garden culture contributes greatly to the friendly character. Beer gardens are open throughout and guests can enjoy outdoor pools and lakeside beaches. Various festivals are held, such as the Berlin Festival of Cultures, the Munich Opera Festival, the Gay Pride march or various wine festivals.

This makes the country rich in historical sites to delight your eyes. You’ll find incredible treasures across the country, from German fairytale castles to the well-preserved architectures that date back to the Middle Ages and after World War II. According to reports from the travel and tourism competition, Germany is considered one of the safest travel destinations in the world. At the same time, 30 percent of Germans spend their holidays in their own country. The country has no less than 106 nature parks, 16 national parks and 16 UNESCO biosphere parks!

Or you can even take day trips outside the city: Potsdam is the best example of a popular day trip on the outskirts of Berlin. Berlin also lends itself well to a visit to one of the lakes or Teufelsberg, an artificial hill in Berlin on the outskirts of the city. The city’s largest lake, Muggelsee, takes you a little outside the city center, but the scenic walks through the forest to the sandy edge make it worth that little extra effort. Lake Krumme, right next to the Grunewald forest, is a clear contender for Berlin’s most idyllic lake.

Which means it’s the perfect place for students, backpackers and those on a budget to enjoy without breaking the bank. Berlin is also quite cheap to travel to in terms of flights or trains. You can probably enjoy the city at 33-40€ per day if you budget, and if your hostel includes free brekkie Oktoberfest even better. Student backpackers will appreciate the world-class museums, affordable street food, and plenty of free things to do. If you’re on a very tight budget, find out how to make Berlin with less than €30 a day. You can travel to Hamburg or Dresden if you are traveling through Germany.

Germany is rich in history, things to do, natural beauty and delicious food and beer for avid travelers. You will find the culture and language fascinating and exploring the different regions will show you the many faces and sides of this beautiful European country. From January to March, you’ll find yourself one of the few visitors to the city and won’t have to deal with long queues or waiting times, even at popular establishments and attractions.